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We are here to provide you with education and support during your journey of pregnancy and first years of your baby’s life. We invite you to join one of our classes or consult with us one on one, which will help you achieve personal growth and connection to community, family and the mother experience. Women often lose themselves in giving birth and mothering, but discover a deeper self when they are open to the sacred blessing in pregnancy.

Our mission is to educate, support and advocate for an integrative approach to pregnancy, child birth and postpartum. The birth of a baby is a primal period of life, a time in which pregnancy and childbirth are deeply spiritual events. Peace and connection starts in the womb and is shared with the world.

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We are a team of Pre and Post Natal Health professionals training specifically in health care coaching for women in pregnancy, newborn and infant development, holistic education for birth postpartum women and the well-being of body, mind and spirit.

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From Our Clients

I can’t thank you enough! You are so sweet yet tough which is exactly what I needed. You gave me the confidence to stay strong and power thru sleep training. Your extensive knowledge on all things baby is just amazing and I loved having another mommy to work with. You never made me feel judged when I wanted to crack and give up. Thank you thank you thank you!!



Being a first time mom is a lot harder than I expected it to be. Especially when your baby DOES NOT SLEEP! Lindsay has been such a huge moral support throughout my early motherhood. On the days when I feel like it’s all coming apart, she is there to assure me that it is not! My family has been through a lot of transition over the past few months, which has made sleep even more challenging. Lindsay has coached me through two moves, buying a house, a big relocation, growth spurts and more… We have made HUGE leaps with napping and bedtime with her help. Lindsay provides support without pushing her own agenda. She LISTENS and responds to your very specific needs and wants for your baby. She is amazing, helpful and kind. I can’t recommend her services enough! If you are a first time parent, a parent at your wit’s end, or even just a parent with some questions about sleep or baby schedules, I would get in touch with Lindsay pronto! She is GREAT!


New Hampshire

THANK YOU! Lindsay is the most caring and knowledgeable coach! We honestly felt like we couldn’t change our baby’s sleep habits (we hadn’t slept properly in 8 months!) but Lindsay convinced us we could and we are! Her sleeping is getting better everyday thanks to Lindsay’s support. Signed, One refreshed momma!



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