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Donna’s Story

flowers-love-roses-pink-roseI have birthed 3 children who are now adults and am happy to announce that I am also a grandmother of 4!   Being a mother has been one of the most honorable, challenging and humbling experiences of my life.   It has been said, “The birth of a baby is the birth of a mother.” How true that is! Motherhood brought me to a deeper part of my own humanity.  It taught me patience, kindness, humor, self-care, leadership, organization, love, wisdom and self-control. The birth of each of my three children has taught me different things about myself and about each of them.  Today, even though they are all grown up and on their own, I still love watching them transform, knowing that in some way I have helped shaped them be who they are today.  And in doing that…they can shape their own children.  A legacy of love carries to the next generation.

I have loved being a mother, grandmother and nurturer in my family and now pass on to all of you what I have learned.  I believe in the sacredness of mothers for they birth the next generation and have the amazing ability to shape their children’s lives even before conception.  Mothers stand on holy ground.  The spiritual and emotional bond between mother and child gives birth to loving connections and love transforms us.  For this reason, father, mother and child hold a deep connection, even before conception that can change the world, but the mother alone shapes and influences her baby in-utero by her thoughts, emotions and feelings.

I help couples who want to become pregnant to prepare for the conception of their little one by connecting to themselves on a spiritual level through self-care and inviting their baby to come.  In the prenatal stages of pregnancy, I enjoy helping parents to continue to connect to their baby through a spiritual and holistic approach to birth education as they prepare for birth and immediately after birth in the the fourth trimester.

I look forward to helping you through your journey!

Many Blessings,

Donna Cassity

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