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My Love for Newborns and How It All Began…

498249cfccf1415989f9d2cbae7d64abMost people know I love children! By the time I was twelve years old I was already babysitting infants and children. Over the years I took care of many children and formed great relationships with many families. In 2006, my husband and I were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Lillian and we learned about the other side of childcare…parenting!

Becoming a mother, inspired me to finish my Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and Psychology that included adult psychology and focused on child development. My studies added to what I knew about children and my passion for children grew. My studies in growth and development from infancy through the adolescent years helped me understand children and how to help them in healthy growth.


Continuing my training…

Upon receiving my degree, I continued to work with children of all ages but I soon discovered that birth to three was my greatest passion: infants and particularly newborns. I furthered my training with CAAPA which specializes in newborn classes for doulas, childbirth and lactation educators.

In 2013, I attended a two day training for a post-partum doula and began to working with parents who came home from the hospital after giving birth. I found that my passion grew from infants to caring for their parents as well. My studies in psychology gives me understanding of parent’s concerns and I am open to many styles of parenting.

My own parenting style has helped me understand how important it is that other parents develop theirs freely. My strengths are in listening and helping parents find ways to cope with their new role as a mom and dad. I have worked well with my previous parents because of my ability to help them connect to baby’s needs successfully.

Life, loss, and my passion grows…

In 2013 another event in my journey as a newborn specialist occurred that deepened my understanding and compassion for parents. We were expecting our second baby, a little boy this time. I was five and a half months pregnant when I suddenly and abruptly found out at a routine office visit that the baby had no heartbeat. After four agonizing days in the hospital, the stillborn event ended. It was the hardest thing we have ever had to endure. Our sweet little boy would never come home to us and though we were devastated, I felt as though my passion for working with newborns had died with my son.


However, I knew deep down that my journey with newborns was far from over. I prayed for courage and was led to a job in a local infant store who invited me to do classes at the store because they knew I had the experience with infants and parents. It gave me strength to know that the store was behind me, as well as my family. I knew in my heart that I am meant to do this and created my first class.
The advertisement was sent out to the public and many parents came. I was encouraged and felt that I was being led back to my passion. When you know that you have a purpose, nothing can stop you.

Becoming a Coach

From there, I continued on with my education and am now completing my Pre and Post Natal Health Coach Training. Today, I am proud to call myself a Pre-Post Natal Health Coach and I love what I do! The journey to get here was difficult but I made it and cannot wait to get you ready for your new baby! If you have already had your baby and need some coaching with your precious bundle, I look forward to joining you in your journey to be a successful and Healthy Mom who has Happy Baby!

Warm regards,
Lindsay Gibson
BA, Health Coach

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