Dogs are lovable, caring as well as smart and intelligent. They are favored pets by single people as well as the elderly because they provide companionship and are very good listeners. Pet owners talk to their dogs and while they do not talk back, they are able to respond with the necessary emotion. They give a hug, they try to cheer you up, or play with you if you are feeling happy or excited.

This emphatic relationship is passed on to dogs and children. When pet owners have children, their dogs automatically treat the child as their masters. They dote on them, protect, and care for them. They become playmates and body guard, all in one. Dogs are ideal pets for raising children. They will keep your kids busy – giving them the exercise and outside time they need. More importantly, dogs are there to give your kids the emotional support they need whenever they feel sad or lonely. If, for example, their playmates are mean to them, kids would turn to their dogs for solace.

Parents won’t always be around for their kids because of work and other duties. Rather than leaving the kid alone to fend for himself, it would be better to give the kid a dog that he can care for and befriend at the same time. The dog can be the kid’s responsibility when it comes to feeding, bathing, or walking. In turn, the child can expect loyalty and friendship from his dog.

This infographic outlines the most compelling reasons why dogs are great to have while your kids are growing up. Have fun reading it.

12 Amazing Reasons Why Dogs Are Good to Help Raise Children