Prayers to Sophia
by Joyce Rupp

I want to remember my inner wings.
I want to soar free under the welcoming sky of personal freedom.
Winged One, Free One, enter my imprisoned self.
Break the bonds that clasp my spirit.
Whisper in my soul’s ear: Wings, wings, remember your wings!


The Fourth of July is here!  As people are preparing to celebrate the Holiday with fireworks, BBQs, swimming and travels, I cannot help but think about how North Americans love to talk about our freedom, yet the concept of true freedom eludes most of us.  It has been 240 years since the signing of the Declaration of Independence and with all the slavery, crime, wars, hatred and separation that we see in the world, how much freedom is there really?  Injustice and imprisonment seem to dominate our days.  I am not saying that we all practice illegal behaviors, but the dynamics in which we live, the alternate beliefs and the lack of compassion separate us. In separation, we cannot experience societal, personal or cultural freedom.

What does freedom mean to you? To be able to live happy and free, what do you seek? Do you feel that with more time, money or stuff you will enjoy more freedom? Do limitations mean less freedom? If all we focus on are those obstacles such as money or stuff, then we become stagnant behind those barriers in our outer world. We stop seeking more information to find solutions and our ability to grow suffers. We focus then on only repositioning our outer world, hoping to feel a sense of relief. This is just a false sense of freedom and all this does is rearrange these limitations, it does not address your inner soul freedom which is really what sets you free. Mothers, especially in the beginning, often find themselves in a place of limitation.  Maybe you feel that way.  You may think to yourself, If only I had more sleep or If only I had the time to pay more attention to my own needs, I would feel better. Or if I only had more help, then I could do more. You may also think; I feel so alone.   These thoughts of limitation, are not what is keeping you from true freedom.

True freedom comes from connection and oneness with God and realizing that you are not alone.  You are intimately connected and you can experience freedom.  It is the kind of freedom that involves an inner power, a soul freedom, that accompanies you through each day.  It helps you evolve past your perceived limitations with more ease.  Whenever I feel disconnected, I find ways to reconnect to Spirit in silent spaces, and gratitude, with my spouse, in nature, with my children and with myself.  I find reconnection in meditation, prayer, walks in nature, writing, calling a good mom friend, massage, a funny movie, playing with my children or animals, and even cooking!  And as I do this, my children learn.  Connection and oneness is the key to spiritual freedom.  What better lesson to show your children then to showing them how to access their inner soul freedom? It starts with you Momma! (Dads can follow along too!)

So today, on this day we honor the founding of our country and take special notice of our freedom, how will you bring a deeper sense of freedom to yourself and others?  What practices will you start today and throughout the year that will bring you to a sense of wholeness and health?  What steps can you take to overcome the obstacles keeping you from true freedom of the soul?

We discussed in a previous blog about practicing gratitude and that is one way to activate the soul freedom with you. It takes patience and practice, practice, practice to incorporate gratitude into your everyday life.  I will summarize again other ways to ignite inner peace and connect to a true sense of freedom. They are:

  • Nature walks
  • Dance to release endorphins
  • Listening to your favorite song, loudly and sing!
  • Draw and Picture
  • Cook a simple, beautiful meal for you and your family
  • Pausing and loosing at your child’s grin or hearing them laugh
  • Looking into the eyes of an elder – so wise and true
  • A long hug at the end of the day with your partner or best friend

These activities have been said over and over by many and may seem so simple, yet many often overlook the power they hold if practiced daily. Standing barefoot outside may sound outlandish to some, however the grounding experience of feeling Mother Earth’s ground cradle your feet has magical soothing energy that will bring you healing and peace. These activities promote peacefulness, love, support, appreciation and most importantly HOPE. Without hope, we lose the confidence and the ability to change. We lose insight to the future that is ahead of us, giving up on what is to come. Without hope, we never stop to see what we have in front of us, such as your husband smiling at you from across the room or your child giggling next to you.

The Fourth of July gives us an opportunity to pause, reflect and to start some of these things and more.  These simple activities that connect us to one another and to our Higher Self activates our spirit and enables us to shine, to love and to evolve into TRUE freedom.

Happy Fourth!

Peace and Love,
Lindsay Gibson, Owner Healthy Mom Happy Baby LLC