Meditation is an art that practices the mind to a state of deep and loving peace. It has been around for thousands of years and has been a way that people connect to the Divine, communicate with their higher self, relax or bring love and enlighten. Although often misunderstood, meditation is not hypnosis or contemplation, rather, it is a place to go beyond the thought.

We do not need to be particularly tied to any religion when practicing meditation as this is a technique that allows us to simply connect inwards, and to calm our busy minds. In this fast paced society, meditation becomes even more essential.

The rat race we live in, going to stressful jobs day after day, on limited sleep and a longer commutes than we would like, going to school, bombarded by our electronic devices of all kinds and the demands of raising children can make it seem almost impossible to be able to calm the mind through meditation. I have often heard people say they just cannot meditate; their minds are just too busy. Practicing meditation is like strength training, it won’t get stronger without flexing the muscle. Even just starting with five minutes a day is enough to get started. You do not need special programs to guide you or any certain style to do it. Just you and a quiet space and allow your mind to focus on your breathing…

When a woman is pregnant or still trying to conceive, “just relax” is something they hear often! I know when I was pregnant with my second daughter after suffering through the loss of my son, the word “relax” did not seem possible at first. Relax? Are they serious?

One day, early on in my pregnancy I made the mistake of internet surfing about percentage of loss after a stillbirth. I had suffered a handful of early miscarriages as well, but the loss of my son at twenty-six weeks rocked my boat pretty hard and it was on my mind constantly. It was when I was alone: my husband was at work and my daughter was in school and the house was quiet that it really consumed my thoughts. Now I know that I should not be using Dr. Google to find a peace of mind but once you start, it’s just so hard to stop and it gave me anxiety.  My heart started racing with every click to a new website. Then I got angry at myself for searching on the internet and one day I snapped. I started screaming into a pillow and the tears began to fall. This emotional outburst filled with all the negative thoughts rolled through my mind like credits at the end of a movie. I called my husband and he was in a meeting. I called my mom, but she was at the hospital working.  The anxiety of realizing that I could not get a hold of anyone got worse until finally I realized that the only true power I have is within myself.  So I stopped, closed my eyes and grew very quiet, taking slow, deep breaths to soothe my mind and emotions. The words, relax flashed in my mind and I realized how important that was.

My mom told me throughout the pregnancy with Layla that all she saw was a bright glow, a vision of light growing brighter in my womb. Layla was going to make it and what I realized was:  I needed to envision the same light growing within me.  So I began to meditate. Meditation was something I already had begun prior to this pregnancy, something my husband has shown me how to do for years. However, going through a trauma can stop anyone’s self-love methods dead in their tracks.  Self-love is the last thing we think about when facing hardships of any kind. I knew that I needed to hold space for these feelings I was having and find a way to ease the anxiety while waiting for my precious girl to be born. I realized I had no other choice, and the choice is to find love and trust within myself again. I had good Doctors, I had the amazing support from my dear husband and my mother was by my side every day. Everything that I needed was already taken care of, so all I had left was to care for inner self.

I decided that I needed to learn to wait and learning to wait with grace.  I needed to hold space for my own self and higher Self.  I needed to practice that everyday knowing that it is not something that just happens.  Self- care is an art. Meditation is the best medicine for the soul. It takes the stress out of our outward struggles and releases them from within. Your inner world is the anchor for your outer world. If you are not in control on the inside, then you cannot have control on the outside. Your divine strength from your Higher Self is there to hold you through the challenges and to ease your anxieties.  Just let it flow.

So to all women out there who are facing struggles to conceive, fears during pregnancy or just simply waiting…  hold space for quiet meditation and connection to your Higher Self so that your inner self can grow and shine.  Practice, practice, practice!

You can do it!  The rewards are worth it.  May it bring you a sense of ease and peace, love and joy like you have never known.

Blessings, love to you and let the Divine flow!

Lindsay Gibson, Owner Healthy Mom Happy Baby LLC