Today, more than ever I find myself staring into my mobile screen or IPad, texting, checking email, social media and the news. The news streams are endless and even scary in the last few weeks before the elections. After the elections, they are so driven by anger and fear.  As much as I love my mobile devices, I find that it can easily consume me.   I found that I was so absorbed in the post-election arguing among friends on social media that all the interruptions and negativity were robbing me of peace.

Where did it go?

So today, two days after the elections, I quit.  I stopped reading all the negativity and my friends long posts, mostly angry ones.  And as I weaned myself off the constant streaming, my peace began to reemerge.  I have come to realize that all day, every hour of the day, we are in the world of doing and less in the world of being.

The electronic age keeps life “wired” most of the time.  Wired to the world and being too wired ourselves to find peace, much less find joy and laughter.  In just 2 days, I found that I could rest better when I limited my screen time, especially these days.  We are created for rest.  The world needs to rest, but it doesn’t seem to take the opportunity to rest.  Society is so twisted that most of us actually feel ‘guilty’ about taking a break or a period of rest.

We are always on the go and do not slow down enough to be in the stillness of nature, or listen to the angels guide us in prayer, or hear the laughter of children, full of belly rolls and silliness.  We don’t sit in silence.  All these things bring rest from all the incoming negativity bombarding our sensory fields.   Stillness.  Prayer.  Listening.  Laughter.  Silliness. Silence. This is where peace is.

Rest mean that we not only get a good night sleep, but we stop all that we are doing and simply BE.  In BEing, we put aside the constant streaming of news and noise and allow our hearts inform us of Life and Love.  Mamas need this kind of stillness and peace in order to guide their little ones into the light where they long to be.  When mamas find peace, children thrive.

I read scripture every day. It’s been my practice for 30 years.  It carries me through every part of my day.  It teaches me to slow down and simply BE.  I find strength in my weakness, courage in my fear and direction for my wandering.

Mamas have the power to change the world, one pregnancy, one child at a time.  To bring more peace into the world, dig your hands into cookie dough while you pray, let the baby in your womb and the children you care for lighten your heart with the silliness, tell stories and play.

Don’t let the outer world overcome your inner peace. 

Allow the serenity and beauty of the upcoming Holy Days to be your shining star guiding you to simply BE in the magic of peace, gratitude, and gifts of love.

Donna Cassity
Co-Founder HMHB