Pure Mama Joy

The waste-land and the dry land will be glad. The desert will be full of joy and become like a rose.

Isaiah 35:1

Let Your Joy Rise to the Surface!

“I Wish to Live a Life that Causes my Soul to Dance inside my body. Motherhood is the Greatest Dance of it All”

– Lindsay Gibson

Mama Joy Classes! Our Mama Joy programs are a spiritual worldview, that empowers you to transition easier and move into your new role as a Mama with JOY!

Mama JOYoga

Why do you need Mama JOYoga?

Today’s women feel so rushed to get back into the daily routine of life after delivering their babies. It’s unfortunate that our society has lost touch with the importance of a restful postpartum period to help mama and baby bond, establish healthy breastfeeding habits, and allow mama’s body to rest up and heal after childbirth. Typically, mama and baby usually spend the first 4-6 weeks at home, and friends and relatives help with the cooking, cleaning, and anything else that mama needs during that time. After this, they feel rushed or have no choice but to jump back into the fast pace of life.

While the first six weeks is important to rest, the “postpartum period” extends much longer. We at Healthy Mom Happy Baby, recognize this and the importance of not only taking it easy, but nourishing our bodies, and proactively healing ourselves with continued postpartum care.

Our Mama JOYoga series is designed to help you regain your mind, body and spirit during the postpartum period up to a year after birth in order to transition into your new role as a mama with grace, balance and renewal so that you can find your best NEW self!

Heal Your Body

Your body takes a toll during childbirth and the first six weeks should be dedicated to resting with light walking and minimal physical work.  After six weeks, your doctor will clear you for physical exercise and this is when you are cleared with us to begin!

Mama JOYoga will help you find balance in your body through gentle and restorative asanas, meditation and breathwork in each class. Plus, more! Each class will include the following:

Class One – Nutrition

Additionally, healing your body includes eating the right foods to nourish and strengthen for the demands of breastfeeding, mothering your baby and recovering. A new breastfeeding mama needs to pay extra special attention to her diet, especially in those first few weeks when she’s establishing her milk supply. Rebuilding your nutritional foundation after birth also is important for you to restore your health and vitality.

Class Two – Infant Sleep and Birth Psychology

To sleep train or not to sleep train! That is the question you may have bounced around in your mind a LOT while pregnant. Well-meaning friends and family will likely overwhelm you with advice, opinions and “what worked” for them to achieve a restful and full night’s sleep with their babies.

We will cover the myths of infant sleep, what exactly sleep training is, what you can expect with your infant’s development and sleep, and how you can develop a healthy foundation for future sleep success for your baby!

We are also going to introduce birth psychology which is understanding life from the lens of your baby! How they feel and interpret the world and what they will need from you that balances BOTH of you. This will enhance bonding, lower stress and equip you for faster healing.

Class Three – Self Care, Emotional Struggles and Stresses

It’s very common for mamas to get the “baby blues” in the first days and weeks after childbirth. The hormones that helped your body grow your baby for the past 9 months can become really out of whack during the postpartum period as they work themselves back to normal levels.

This class will enhance your ability to restore your emotions with group sharing and discussion, share tips on self-care and returning to loving yourself.

Class Four – Work/Life Balance

There are many things that are difficult in life, but for most moms, going back to work after giving birth is by far one of the most difficult. Many women have to go back to work after a number of weeks or already have and so it is important to prepare your mind and heart for this transition. You may be operating on major sleep deprivation, leaking breasts from breast feeding, the dread of giving up care to someone else (even a trusted grandmother!) and the thought of getting up to get dressed for work every day is overwhelming.

For parents who decide to keep mom home with the baby or go back to work only part time, there may be huge sacrifices that need to be made.  In either case, this session takes a close look at the physical, emotional and spiritual issues moms face when going back to work or staying at home full time and how to navigate these transitions successfully.

Joyful Birth

Why do you need Joyful Birth?

Healthy Mom Happy Baby is happy to offer JOYful Birth classes that are designed to fit different needs, intentions, goals and situations.  Our classes are small with no more than four couples, allowing for close personal interaction and individualized attention.  The goal of our birth education class is to create a Joyful Birth through a comprehensive program.  Classes include:  Natural birth, nutrition and exercise, health of mother and baby, bonding with baby from conception through postpartum.  We believe that the partner’s role as a vital role during pregnancy, labor and birth.  We support and resource the partner so that together you will bring a joyful birth experience.

Learning techniques through teaching modules, live video, discussion, role play, art and visioning the ideal birth exercises. Learn how to dance into Motherhood with our JOYful Birthing class!



Receive Your Baby With A Joyful Birth:

  • Pregnancy and Birth
  • Comfort Techniques and Managing Pain
  • Breathing and Meditation during Labor and Birth
  • Options in Birthing
  • Avoiding Unnecessary Medical procedures
  • C=Section and Recovery
  • Postpartum Care


Transition into Motherhood with Mama JOYoga:

  • Class One – Introductions, Nutrition and Yoga/Meditation
  • Class Two – Infant Sleep, Birth Psychology and Yoga/Meditation
  • Class Three – Self-Care, Emotional Struggle/Stresses and Yoga/Meditation
  • Class Four – Work/Life Balance and Yoga/Meditation



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The Next Upcoming Mama JOYoga Series Begins:
Starts: July 22,2017 10 am – CLASS FULL
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The Next Upcoming Joyful Birth Class Begins:
September 23, 2017
Healthy Mom Happy Baby
576 Main Street North
$187.00 Per Couple

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