Joyful Birth

Birthing a baby is both a science and an art.  It is a science when we understand how the body actually works in the miracle of pregnancy, it is an art when a woman understands how her spirit and inner wisdom brings forth and births new life.                   

Donna Cassity


The Art of Joyful Birthing

Why do you need Joyful Birth?

Healthy Mom Happy Baby is happy to offer Joyful Birth classes that are designed to fit different needs, intentions, goals and situations.  Our classes are small, allowing for close personal interaction and individualized attention. The goal of our birth education class is to create a Joyful Birth through a comprehensive program. Classes include: All types of birth, nutrition and exercise, health of mother and baby, Bonding with baby from conception through postpartum and more! We believe that the partner’s role as a vital role during pregnancy, labor and birth. We support and resource the partner so that together you will bring a joyful birth experience.

What is Joyful Birth?

Joyful Birthing is understanding how your wisdom and ability to trust can empower a woman to birth with intention and improve her spirit and health. Beyond a “how to” education for childbirth, Joyful Birthing empowers a woman to expand her mind, her body and her spirit.  Each topic of childbirth and the important issues that all women want to cover is woven with ancient wisdom that increases a woman’s ability to trust her body’s natural process.

Using metaphors, ancient wisdom, well studied concepts along with her medical knowledge and experience, Donna helps women to birth consciously.  Each topic is addressed from the physiological, psychological and spiritual perspective.

The Art of Joyful Birthing is designed to help you birth your baby and more importantly, to birth yourself. It is designed to help a woman experience her spirit fully in the birth. A woman taps into her true self and human values that bring truth, love, peace and non-invasive into the birthing experience.

In a comfy, home-setting, our Joyful Birth classes are relaxing and personal. It is divided into 3 parts – averaging about 3.5 hours each class and on three different days. Learning techniques through teaching modules, live video, discussion, role play, art and visioning the ideal birth exercises. Learn how to dance into Motherhood with our JOYFUL birthing class!


Part One

The Foundation and Values

  • The Art of Joyful Birthing
  • Birthing in the Spirit
  • Exploring Your Options for Birth
  • Birth is instinctive and Using Your Intuition
  • Love as the Foundation of all Values
  • Breathwork and the Power Within

Part Two

Your Body, Emotions and Spirit

  • Physiology of Pregnancy and Birth
  • Understanding the Self and Comfort Techniques
  • Pelvic body work and Nutrition
  • Restorative Sleep and Finding Peace
  • Fears and Worries
  • Our Mothers and our Health
  • Detachment: You are not your body

Part Three

The Birth Experience

  • Birthing and Your Newborn
  • Medical Procedures and What to know
  • Joyful Birthing and its Potential
  • Becoming New Parents

The Next Upcoming Joyful Birth Class:
 January 6th 9:30 am – 4 pm
Location: Healthy Mom Happy Baby
576 Main Street North Southbury, CT 06488
$130.00 Per Couple
*Space is Limited 
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Joyful Birth is taught by Donna Cassity. More about her in ‘Meet Us’




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