Gratitude Can Change Your Life

Finding Gratitude Even During the Hardest Moments…. Last Sunday my mother said goodbye to a congregation that she had served as an interim pastor for 18 months.  The day was filled with celebration of her work together and they had become a congregation that she was...

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Morning Sickness

For all Moms-to-Be-Here is the Nourishment You Need! First let me say that as a Momma who is a three-time HG survivor, “morning sickness” is different. HG otherwise known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum is “Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) is a severe form of nausea and vomiting...

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Until We Meet Again My Son

Don’t tell me he never existed. Don’t tell me his heart stopped beating. Don’t tell me he was never alive. Don’t tell me he is gone. Don’t tell me he wasn’t meant to be. Don’t tell me I will have another baby. Don’t tell me something was wrong. Don’t tell me I was not...

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Finding Calm in the Storm

Meditation is an art that practices the mind to a state of deep and loving peace. It has been around for thousands of years and has been a way that people connect to the Divine, communicate with their higher self, relax or bring love and enlighten. Although often...

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Love and Peace

The text from a victim in Orlando said, “Mommy…”  It broke our hearts open and we became numb.  It makes one wonder, why the moments before death, even an adult child calls out for their mother.  It is not unlike the moments before birth, when your baby calls for the...

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Mommy Abundance and Your Birthright

Every mother bringing home a baby after birth wants to experience the joy of motherhood and find peace in their new role.  But focusing on everything being perfect will actually drive away what you want. That’s right, with focus, comes fear. You cannot separate the...

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Love, Stress & Sleep – Part II

In part I, we opened up the topic of sleep. To train or not to train? It’s a hot topic that invites endless questions amongst sleep deprived parents around the world. You can find an article on both sides of the sleep coin all over the internet. We’d like to help you...

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Love, Stress & Sleep

Part 1 of 2 – “Looking at a New Way of Helping Your Baby and You Sleep Better” There is nothing worse than not sleeping.  Mother’s suffer from sleep deprivation everywhere.  At Healthy Mom Happy Baby, we recognize you are searching for answers to understanding how to...

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Grounding, Boredom and Growing Closer

Even though Layla is only fourteen-months old, when I look at Lilly who is now nine-years old, I sometimes forget about the newborn stage. When I gave birth to my second daughter last year, I had a beautiful gift already there for me waiting in my mind and heart and...

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Motherhood Wisdom and the Bond of Motherhood

Becoming a mother is a sacred journey that invites us to a deeper spiritual connection with ourselves and others.  It is an invitation to receive an inner wisdom not realized by us before we became mothers. The moment a woman is pregnant and gives birth, she begins to...

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