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Lindsay Gibson

B.A. Psychology and Communications
Newborn Holistic Care Specialist
Certified Pre/Post Natal Health Coach
Yoga Instructor RYT 200 (Trauma Sensitive Specialty)
Spiritual Counselor/ Joy Restoration Coach

About Lindsay

Lindsay is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Yoga Instructor and Fertility/Birth Psychology Specialist helping to bring light back into people that promotes inner healing. She is the creator of the Joyful Conception series for mothers. Her in-depth classes explores the body, mind and spirit world of the mother, helping women to call in their baby after loss.

Lindsay helps mothers to be conscious during the preconception and conception period that enhances the chances of getting pregnant and receiving her baby without fear. The miracle of new life and conscious pregnancy is enhanced when a mother is able to connect to her own powerful energy and the energy of her baby.

Lindsay holds a BA in Psychology and is certified with The International Maternity & Parenting Institute in California and The Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health and Joyful Living Services for Fertility.

Dads always benefit when their spouse is healthy and happy and they know how to support them.

Lindsay can assist you to create a complete and personalized “roadmap to health and a happy baby that suits your lifestyle, preferences and goals for parenting.” Lindsay provides progressive and holistic education for birth postpartum women and their infants.

Donna Cassity

B.S. Nursing/Healthcare Administration
M.Div. Northeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
Whole Health Educator/Life Coach
Reiki Practitioner Therapy
Holistic Childbirth Educator

About Donna

Donna is a Speaker, Registered Nurse and Holistic Childbirth Educator trained specifically in a best practice patient education program that places the mother at the center of her health care and empowers her with demystified, evidence-based childbirth education to take charge of her health and well- being.  Her fun and interactive classes offer a holistic view of childbirth that embraces body, mind, and spirit from the deepest values and foundation of love, truth, peace, and joy.

Donna can assist you to create a complete and personalized “road map to childbirth that suits your unique body, lifestyle, preferences and goals during this wonderful journey of pregnancy by connecting to your wiser self as a new mother and to the spirit of your baby.”

She is certified as a Holistic Childbirth Educator through The International Maternity & Parenting Institute in California.


Donna has also been certified as a Holistic Childbirth Educator through The Maternity & Parenting Institute in California.


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