Joyful Conception
I Wish to Live a Life that Causes my Soul to Dance inside my body. Motherhood is the Greatest Dance of it All Lindsay Gibson

Joyful Conception
Prepare Mind, Body & Spirit for a Joyful Conception

The Joy of Motherhood

In this moment, and all moments, you have a CHOICE…

“Motherhood is an invitation to receive a new inner wisdom not realized by us before we became mothers. The moment a woman is pregnant and gives birth, she begins to develop this new part of her. Self-trust is the heart of health, vibrancy and the spirit of this inner wisdom.”  – Lindsay Gibson

But what happens when you have had pregnancy loss or you cannot conceive?

Self-trust seems to vanish, and you may feel thrown into a world of anxiety and stress that reduces your vitality and health. At no time in a woman’s life is she most in need of finding harmony, joy and health than when she is trying to conceive and during the nine months of nurturing herself and her unborn baby. The pressures of trying to get pregnant again and being pregnant after loss creates increased fear and doubt in ourselves which alienates us from our inner wisdom and the power of love that carries us through. When we trust ourselves, we can learn to take risks by stretching into new ways of being, healing and finding the love power within to birth ourselves and our babies.

When the world says, “Give up,” Hope whispers, “Try one more time.”

My Fertility Services

I enjoy working with women and families with all kinds of pregnancy and fertility needs as they prepare for and enter into pregnancy. Whether you have had birth trauma, infertility loss or pregnancy loss, I will support you to get from where you are now to where you want to be, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Finding harmony, healing and balance along the journey toward motherhood, so that you will find joy along the way – is my life’s work.

What do my services include?

I work with you to heal and stay centered through a variety of ways that include: nutrition, self-care, managing stress, learning to embrace your emotions, love your body, meditations and visualizations to help you relax, be present and find joy again each day. You will also learn how to “call in the spirit of your baby” and talk to your him or her in ways that connect you to love that grounds you before and during pregnancy.

I have worked with women from all kinds of backgrounds, but here are some commonalities that many of my clients have. One thing they all possess is a sense of their own spirituality. They also are:

  • Women who are interested in being mindful parents
  • They are open to or already practicing meditation and a yoga practice
  • Women who understand that happiness starts with themselves and joy comes from within.
  • Women who are open to receiving new approaches to fertility and conception in a competitive, work driven world.
  • They are interested in health conscious behavior such as green living and whole foods.
  • They are highly sensitive and intuitive and feel deeply.
  • They believe in reaching for joy even when life is challenging.




What’s my first step?

Call for 60- minute initial consultation to clarify your needs, goals and answer your questions.  This includes a pre-session intake form that I will send you. Together we create a personalized treatment plan to meet your needs. Sessions are weekly or every other week for an hour as needed.

Cost for initial consultation & One-Hour Sessions: $100.00

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Lindsay is intimately knowledgeable about baby loss and how frightening it can be to be pregnant again. In her upcoming memoir she quotes, “My child in heaven showed me that I am capable of loving deeper and wider than ever before. It is what supports all that I do at home and in helping others by offering what I’ve learned – to surrender and forgive.” – Lindsay Gibson, Just Be 

Joyful Conception is taught by Lindsay Gibson. More about her in ‘Meet Us’

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